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Student Cards

If you are a new incoming Rice University student, you will be requested to electronically submit a photo for use on your Rice University Student ID Card. The photo must meet the following requirements: (The photo submitted should be passport-style and meet the requirements below. All photos are reviewed before approval. Please note that this is currently a manual process and approval time is necessary.)

  • Take the photo with a uniformed light-colored background
  • Have the camera at eye level
  • Illuminate the photo with light and avoid shadows
  • Photo must show your full face with eyes open and shoulders visible
  • If wearing eyeglasses, eyes must be visible.
  • No hats, sunglasses, or anything to alter appearance.
  • Make sure the photo has correct contrast and brightness
  • Submit the highest resolution photo possible with respect to the file size requirements
  • File size must not exceed 2 MB
  • File must be JPEG Format
  • Photo resolution must be a minimum of 640x480 pixels

This photo will be your permanent Rice ID card picture throughout your time at Rice (unless a replacement ID is needed). Please keep this in mind when selecting your photo.

Upload Photo Here

If your photo is approved, your Student ID Card will be prepared prior to your arrival on campus and distributed by an appointed contact in your respective College during O-Week. For graduate students, if you have uploaded your photo and it has been approved, please stop by the RUPD building to pick up your Student ID Card.

Replacement cards for returning students:

  • Undergraduate students will email access control at with the request. ID card to be printed and brought to College contact twice a day 11 am and 3 pm.
  • Graduate students with visa status will visit RUPD for processing. All other graduate students will email access control at with the request. ID card to be printed and brought to Department appointed contact as needed