Bike Registration

This service allows bikes, e-bikes/e-scooters, and scooters to be registered with the Rice University Police Department. The bike's serial number is required in order to register. An online quiz must be completed prior to registration and once successfully completed, the registration page to complete the registration process will appear.

Parking Citation Appeals

This service is provided for members of the community that would like to appeal an issued parking citation. A link is also provided on the page for secondary appeals. A $10 deposit is required for all appeals. Payment of citations will be accepted at the University Cashier's Office.

Anonymous Owl Witness Report

This service is designed to enable members of the Rice Community to confidentially report any crimes witnessed.

Submit a Police Report

This service allows you to send an offense report to the Rice University Police Department (RUPD). Once submitted you will be provided with a case number. This form is provided solely as a convenience and its use is not required for making a report to RUPD. Please note, Section 37.08 of the Texas Penal Code makes it a Class B misdemeanor to knowingly make a false statement that is material to a criminal investigation.

Request an Officer for an Event

This online form allows you to request Police Officers for special events.

Golf Cart Training

Departments that use golf carts for campus business are required to attend the cart training program offered by the Rice Police Department. Sessions are offered periodically, but can also be requested. Email Sergeant. Mathews to request a special training session.

Register Your Valuables

Safeguard valuables! Use this form to register electronics, instruments and other personal property with RUPD. A registration decal will be mailed to you once the police department receives the completed form. The information submitted is confidential and will be used exclusively by the RUPD. This information will not be given out to unauthorized individuals. Registering items with the department ensures RUPD has all pertinent information to assist in the recovery of items in the event they are lost or stolen.

Crime Statistic Report Form