Law Enforcement Youth Academy

Law Enforcement Youth Academy

The Law Enforcement Youth Academy (LEYA) is an opportunity to have an insider's look at the Rice University Police Department (RUPD) to learn how a police agency operates.

Topics include the History of Policing, Crime Prevention, the Criminal Justice System, Traffic Law, and Police Technology.

There is no charge to attend this class. The LEYA program is sponsored and conducted by RUPD for the youth of our campus communities to more fully understand the workings of the police and criminal justice system.

Requirements: Participants must be 13-17 years old and are the children of current Rice employees (faculty and staff).

For more information, contact Sgt. Juan Alejandro or Sgt. Maritza Lopez at 713-348-6000 or by email at or


Law Enforcement Youth Academy - Terms and Conditions

Law Enforcement Youth Academy - Release and Liability

Law Enforcement Youth Academy - Image Consent Form (minors)

(NOTE: All 3 forms above must be completed signed before attending class. They'll be collected on the 1st day. Please don't forget them.)

Upcoming Event:

June 10, 2024 - June 14, 2024 (registration is open now)