Submit a Online Offense Report

- The OOR (Online Offense Report) is for reports of theft (excluding theft of a motor vehicle), criminal mischief, and damaged property that occurred on Rice University Property.

- You CAN ONLY use this form if You are the actual victim of the theft, loss, or criminal mischief (not a witness, relative, friend, etc.) For witness reports, see the form here

- This reporting system can also be use to report the loss of  important documentation such as a passport, driver’s license (out of state), birth certificate, or other government documents.

- This reporting system is NOT for reporting emergencies or suspicious persons/activity. Please call 713-348-6000 immediately when viewing suspicious persons/activity and emergencies.

- It is NOT used for vehicle accidents please call 713-348-6000 to report immediately. Do NOT leave the location of where it occurred before making the report. Leaving the location without making a report of leaving your information with the other involved party is a crime.

- If you believe your vehicle was stolen, please call 713-348-6000 immediately.

- Disclaimer about making a false report.



Your report is not complete until RUPD personnel has contacted you and provided you with a case number. Section 37.08 of the Texas Penal Code makes it a Class B misdemeanor to knowingly make a false statement that is material to a criminal investigation. The information you enter here is not sent in an encrypted manner. This form is provided solely as a convenience and its use is not required for making a report to RUPD. Please contact us directly if you have any concerns about sharing data.

Contact Information
Offense Information
Please enter the date the offense occurred.
Please enter the approximate time the offense occurred.
Where did the offense happen? (Be as specific as possible - location (on-campus/off-campus), indoor/outdoor, building, address, room number, etc.):
Tell us what happened. Be as specific as possible.
If any property was taken, give a Detailed Description of all items (make/brand, model, serial#, best estimate value of each item, etc.).
If any property was damaged, provide a Detailed List of the damage (vehicle:make/model/yr/plate/state/etc., buiding/property: door/window/wall/etc., your best estimate of the value/damage caused of each item, etc.)
Can you name or describe any suspects (race, sex, clothing atricles/color/etc., height, weight, etc.)? If a witness was present, provide their contact information if known.
Please let us know if there is some other information that you would like to note in the report that may be of value to the investigation. Any other information pertaining to this report/incident could be useful.