Safety Information

Emergency Communications to the University Community

Upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on the campus and involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty, or staff members, Rice University will provide accurate and timely information to the campus community during such emergencies. Rice may utilize a variety of communication methods, including text messaging to mobile phones, e-mail, voice mail, web pages, emergency hotlines, announcements via Rice’s public address system, meetings in affected buildings, and announcements in the news media. In the case of a severe weather emergency, an episode of campus violence, or another sudden emergency, Rice University will use an automated system to notify students, faculty, and staff of the nature of the emergency and of any steps the recipient should take to safeguard his or her personal welfare. Contact information should be updated in iO and should include local and home emergency numbers where Rice can most effectively provide time-sensitive emergency information; usually, these contact numbers will be for mobile phones or other handheld electronic devices. Rice will limit the use of this emergency contact information to only the most urgent campus emergencies. Rice urges community members to take seriously any emergency notifications received via their primary emergency contact point and to respond accordingly.

In the event of a severe, time-sensitive emergency, persons on campus (depending on their location) may also hear announcements or instructions via Rice’s public address system. Persons should take seriously any announcements received in this manner and follow any instructions provided.