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Rice University Identification Card Procedures
A Rice University identification card is required for all active staff, faculty, students, and special programs participants.

In order to verify identity prior to issuing a Rice University identification card, a current US government issued photo identification card is required. Acceptable forms include: US Driver’s License, US Passport/Visa, US State issued ID, US Military Card or Permanent Resident Card. These all apply to the several ID categories mentioned below.

In order to have a photograph taken for the ID card, we ask that any article of clothing or eyewear that will obscure the person’s physical features, be removed. Any exceptions will be made on an individual basis.

There is no charge for the first ID card issued to students, staff and faculty. A charge of $15.00 is assessed to replace all Rice ID cards that are lost, damaged, or otherwise rendered unserviceable through neglect. The exceptions being those that are stolen where there is a police report, those that have become unserviceable in the performance of one's university duties, or normal wear and tear. Payment in the form of cash, check or credit card is accepted.

ID Card Categories


New employees are required to fill out paperwork no later than their first day of employment. While in the Human Resources suite, new-hired employees are asked to present documentation to fill out the required forms. Once the information is vetted, we receive an email through the new On-Board system providing all the information the Police Department requires to issue an ID card. We require a government issued ID to be presented to us prior to issuing a Rice ID card.

Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate student records are entered into the Banner System by the Registrar’s Office. When they come to the Police Department they are required to provide a form of ID. There is an exception to this requirement: During O-Week, all new incoming freshmen will provide our staff their name and student ID number when they come in to obtain a picture ID for the first time. The First Year Programs’ Office provides our department with a list including student ID numbers, names and college assignments of all incoming freshmen.

Graduate Students

All graduate student records are provided by the Registrar’s Office through Banner and then downloaded into our ID program (CBORD system). Starting date and expected graduation dates are provided by the Registrar’s Office as well. At the beginning of each academic year, we are sent a graduate student list with listing this information as well. When graduate students come to the Police Department they are required to provide a form of ID. In most cases, graduate students are from foreign countries. They provide us with a passport and an I-20 so we can verify the date of expiration for their studies in the US.


Human Resources advices the Police Department of an upcoming Retiree. While in the Police Department, the retiree is asked for a form of ID. A new “PIK” number is assigned and a Retiree record is created. This number becomes the new Retiree’s ID number, a photo is taken and an ID card is created.

College Associates

A list with all College Associates is sent to the Police Department from the Colleges. Time frame is provided for these ID cards. They are required to provide a proof of ID before and ID card is issued. A new “PIK” number is assigned, a photo is taken and an ID is created.

ESL Students

A list of enrolled ESL students is sent to the Police Department by the School of Continuing Studies. On the first day of every seven-week session, ESL students come to the Police Department to obtain an ID. They are asked for a form of ID, where in most cases a Foreign Passport is provided. This student I.D. entitles the bearer to attend campus activities, such as movies, sports, concerts, free or at a reduced rate, and admission to the Rice University Language Resource Center. ESL students are assigned a four digit number by the ESL office. We then assign a code to precede the ESL number and come up with a 9 digit number that we use as their unique student number. There is a $10 fee for this card. Various forms of payment available as mentioned above.


A Rice ID is required from the Rice Employee and a form ID is required from the Spouse. The Rice Employee is then asked to fill out an “Identification Card Agreement.” We review the Banner system to ensure that the Rice employee’s status is active and proceed to issue the ID(s) requested. There is a $5 fee for each of these ID cards. Various forms of payment available as mentioned above.

REC Center IDs

Members of the REC Center are provided with a copy of their Membership Application. We request a copy for our records and ask for a form of ID. While in our office, we take your photo and print it on a white REC Center ID card, different from all RICE IDs. These ID cards differentiate faculty/staff/students from members of the Community and Alumni. There is a $10 fee for this card. Various forms of payment available as mentioned above.


Visitors are sponsored by a department affiliated with Rice University. They are processed through the visitor portal and vetted by different departments within Rice. A form of ID is required. No fee is charged.

Access to Buildings

Please contact your immediate supervisor when after-hours is needed to a building. A request will be sent to the Department Administrator who will forward it to our Access Control Office at for further processing. When our office receives the request, it will take 24 - 48 hours to process.

How to Obtain an ID Card