Parking Citation Fees

Citation Fees Effective 07/01/2012

  1. Failure to register vehicle (waived if registered within 5 university working days of citation) $30
  2. Failure to register vehicle, 2nd+ citation $75
  3. Failure to have permanently affixed parking decal where readily visible from the rear $10
  4. Improperly parked in college lot $30
  5. Parked in non-parking area $30
  6. Improperly parked in faculty/staff lot $30
  7. Parked in restricted space $30
  8. Parked on grass or walkway $30
  9. Parked overtime $30
  10. Parked in fire zone $75
  11. Improperly parked in spaces designated for people with disabilities $75
  12. Operating vehicle in an unsafe manner $75
  13. Speeding $75
  14. Improperly entering or exiting a parking facility over, through, or around defined barriers, "Passing back" or sharing an access card to allow an unauthorized vehicle to enter/exit a lot/garage illegally $75
  15. Running a gate, resulting in any damage to equipment, hardscape or landscape up to Twice the Cost of Repair
  16. Driving or riding motor vehicles (including motorcycles) on walks, fields or other non- roadways $75
  17. Riding bicycles on restricted walks, fields or other non-roadways $10
  18. Skater or skateboarder failing to yield the right-of-way to pedestrian or vehicle traffic or traveling against vehicular traffic flow $10
  19. Vehicle Towed $75
  20. Excessive parking citations (more than 3 in a 12 month period, including warnings) succeeding fines are DOUBLED
  21. Misrepresentation of facts or status at registration of vehicle for the purposes of obtaining privileges not otherwise
    permitted (e.g., to get a decal for a faculty/staff or resident student lot) $125
  22. Flagrant or unethical acts to circumvent the regulations $125

*Additional rules that may also warrant one of the citations above can be found in the Rice Parking Regulations at