Rice University


Contact Information

Johnny Whitehead Chief
Clemente Rodriguez  Captain
Paul Cordova Captain
Jessica Solomon  Director, Administrative Services
Lisa Basgall  Director, EMS
Alejandra Adames Sergeant - Day Shift
Carla Barnette   Sergeant, Communications Supervisor and Training Coordinator
Otis Carey Sergeant - Day Shift
Thomas Hudak  Sergeant - Night Shift
Rommel Espinola Sergeant - Night Shift
Gary Spears   Sergeant - CID, Special Operations
Pete Quan BRC Security Specialist Supervisor

All RUPD personnel can be found on the Department Roster


6100 Main St. MS-551
Houston, Texas 77005-1892

Phone: 713-348-6000
Fax: 713-348-5156

Physical Location

The Police Department is located just inside Entrance # 8 (2000 blk of University Boulevard at Stockton Street). The Dispatch/Reception area is open and a Supervisor is available 24 hours a day.